The Littleton Education Fund is…

…a community based, independent, tax-exempt organization that provides financial support to the Littleton public schools by providing grant funds, independent of the school budget, to finance enriching school programs. The fund is not a substitute for taxpayer dollars. Rather, these grants pick up where the town budget may leave off. Teachers, student groups, or town residents may apply for a grant providing that their idea would promote creativity and enthusiasm or enhance learning in the classroom.

Semi-annually, the LEF will choose the best of these imaginative ideas and fund them. By contributing to the LEF, you help to provide the modest support that can make a significant difference in the quality of education we provide for our young people.

Thank you to all the individual donors to LEF this year, and a special thanks to The Helen G. Hauben Foundation, Madavi & Gaugarin Oliver Foundation, and Middlesex Saving Bank for their extraordinary support!

In more than thirty years of awarding grants, over $400,000 has been awarded by the LEF to support enrichment activities within the Littleton Schools.

Our tax ID number is 04-3167318.

Who We Are:

President: Kimberly Harriman

Vice President: Laura Eriksson

Clerk: Meera Gill

Treasurer: Parul Tyagi

Asst. Treasurer: Pam Sawyer

Membership: Bridget Collins, Meera Gill, Tara Meyers

Fundraising/PR: Laura Eriksson, Sarah Rambacher

Grants Awarded:

For details on individual grants, click Grant Details below.

From Inception: $400,599

2022-2023: $23,743

2021-2022: $14,851

2020-2021: $9,697

2019-2020: $11,678

2018-2019: $25,088

2017-2018: $15,154

2016-2017: $13,340

‚Äč2015-2016: $9,287

2014-2015: $11,881

2013-2014: $13,251

2012-2013: $11,245

2011-2012: $12,729

2010-2011: $12,969

2009-2010: $11,948

2008-2009: $12,186

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