Kicking off the 2018-19 School Year!

The LEF board met recently to discuss the upcoming school year. We also took time to read the feedback we’d received from the Museum of Science trip that was funded last spring. Danielle Bearden said the field trip was “a great success and the kids had a blast!” She shared a list of what the students said they liked:

  • Looking at all the different exhibits way more than sitting in classroom
  • The maze and finding hidden rooms
  • Learning new information
  • That the project was based off the field trip
  • The trampoline challenge and almost breaking record
  • Being able to work with friends on the project
  • Seeing different types of math and science
  • Being able to explore the museum
  • Using the pictures from the museum for the project
  • Being able to relate math to everyday life
  • Bonding with peers
  • Going in-depth on the topics from class
  • Seeing the way math is related to the real world at the exhibits

We really appreciate this detailed feedback. It demonstrates that the grant served to enrich the students which is our mission.